Free Download: Avidus – Heptachord (Christoph Vogel Edit)


What do you mean what's a heptachord? Isn't it obvious? I mean, it's so obvious that we're even going to explain it to you because you should know full well without us having to spell it out to you.

Hept has something to do with seven, right?

Anyway, we've been avidly waiting to share this Christoph Vogel edit with you as it ebbs and flows like a mighty heptachord (Is that right? No? Damn…) and fills your ears with pulses so fresh that they simply must be organic. But this isn't any organic food shop, these pulses are completely free for you to download and keep as your very own.

Go on then, have a heptachord on us;

Avidus's Accolade EP is out now.