First View: Zombie Zombie – Heavy Meditation


To this day we have remained firm fans of the experimental, synth, rock, pop, ambient, post punk, krautrock, electronic, eclectic powerhouse that is Zombie Zombie. We hope that from the above sentence you will soon understand that there is a no holds barred sense of honesty and humility to their musical output and what goes on the record is simply a matter of self expression and little else. The duo have worked tirelessly for many years having released a sprawling back catalogue of music, most prominently on the longstanding French label Versatile Records which has acted as a gracious host to their experimentation and leftfield sensibilities. It is here that they have recently released once more in the form of "Livity". A seven track album which enters new realms of exploration…

We are delighted to be able to bring you an exclusive first look at the new video which accompanies a track from the release titled "Heavy Meditation". A colourful cartoon trip with animation by Brunch Studio, produced by Eddy, and directed by At & At.

Watch below: 

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