First View: Stranded – Celine’s Dilemma (RSD Dub)


Towards the tail end of October we were greeted by a an EP from Stranded, originating from Nashville it was a release which touched on fundamental elements of British dance music and pulled inspiration from the realm of electronics. Perhaps this is why it was snapped up by Optimo Music, a label with which the above has always resonated. 

From a conceptual perspective the release was described as follows: 

"Alienation, romantic rendezvous, 9 to 5 unease, and an apprehension of the future are just a few of the topics that surface…"

The EP was rounded off proficiently by a special remix from Rob Smith operating under the guise of RSD. Rob is perhaps better known as a member of the prolific dance unit Smith & Mighty whom have released a sprawling catalogue of music on the likes of Punch Drunk, !K7 and beyond. 

Today we are presented with a video in accompaniment to Rob's remix, the visuals courtesy of Ben Bickford. Watch below: 

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