First View: Sharif Laffrey – Always


The knight stood stock still, firmly fixed to the floor, plotting out his next move. Arching his neck this way and that, he surveyed all possible alternatives until he had exhausted his choices. The troops around him seemed gripped by a similar state of inertia; he would wait, the knight decided, for the right way to present itself. Sure enough, that familiar shadow soon loomed over him, and pinched between those giant fingers he moved forward in his inimitable L-shape. Check, he chuckled rogueishly at the king.

Sharif Laffrey is one of the most important players in the Detroit scene, having been putting on parties and spinning records for many years now, since the rave scene in the early '90s. He's no slouch as a producer either – having recorded under aliases such as Quadrant and Maersk, he's currently releasing under his own name. Returning to Berlin-based imprint Discos Capablanca, his newest transmission is the single-sided 'Always'; a deep, cavernous weapon whose rattling drum hits seem to reverberate around the inside of your skull. Watch the video premiere below:

Always is out now on Discos Capablanca.

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