First View: Serenus Zeitblom Oktett – Erster Teil


Experimentation and freeform progression is the name of the game. A new album by Berlin based ensemble Serenus Zeitblom Oktett demonstrates the evolutionary need for expression and transcends the linear narrative within genre. An intriguing piece of work with abstract composition and stunning originality. Diverse backgrounds and far reaching influences have led to a cunning piece of work devoid of stereotypical associations, a truly blank canvas with which the ensemble have run wild. 

»Erster Teil – Zweiter Teil – Dritter Teil« is set for release on the newly formed Hyperdelia record label. 

Watch an exclusive video created by Roman Hagenbrock below, described as follows:

"When »Erster Teil – Zweiter Teil – Dritter Teil« was recorded at the Vox- Ton Studio in Berlin early 2015, Roman Hagenbrock aka i am just a video girl took his cameras and filmed the Serenus Zeitblom Oktett while they were being recorded.

The result is an album long video which Hyperdelia is releasing now alongside »Erster Teil – Zweiter Teil – Dritter Teil«. The video is a poetic
imagination of the recoding process as an outer space travel, in which the control room is preparing the musicians for take off.

But it seems as if the music is not really controlled by the musicians any longer, rather by alienated hands, by control panels, by machinery and
cables. Instruments play themselves and become autonomous agents. The layers of images and sounds Hagenbrock interleaves are arbitrary and deploy a very own aesthetics of the acousmatic. Thus adding yet another level of abstraction to the album, which in itself is already dis/
connected from the initially recorded sounds.

Hagenbrock poetically embraces these moments of abstraction and lets every cable, every flashing light and every sound signal have its own space of unfolding. If it weren’t for the all- encompassing tentacles of the control room."

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