First View: Ofeliadorme – Alone With The Stars


"Atop the hill the cold wind blew. She shivered beneath it's weighty presence. The stars shone tonight against the ominous black. She was alone…"

Ofeliadorme are a group made up of Francesca Bono, Michele Postpischl and Tato Izzia. Based in Bologna the three piece band align somewhere the the melancholy pop of PJ Harvey and the glimmering euphoria of the Cocteau Twins or Portishead. Warm, moody and amidst a distant haze the group produce otherworldly music with a haunting edge. 

Produced by UK veteran Howie B their music is enchantingly bleak and beautiful. 

Next month will see the release of the groups album on HB Recordings, the 17th of March to be precise. In the meantime watch an exclusive video for "Alone With The Stars" below: 


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