First View: Max Richter – A Catalogue Of Afternoons


We are delighted to be able to showcase an exclusive new track from the renowned neo classical producer and maestro of all things ambient. Max Richter is regarded as one of the defining figures of modern contemporary electronic music and has appeared at venues across the globe. 

Next month will mark the release of "The Blue Notebooks" – which is set for re-release on Deutsche Grammophon. Max Richter passed comment on the album as follows: 

“The Blue Notebooks’ is an attempt for music to comment on society and specifically it’s an anti-violence record. It’s a subtle and peaceful protest against political, social, and personal brutality. Sadly it’s still very current today.”

The album was originally recorded back in 2003 in just three hours and has since gone on to receive cult status amidst fans of the genre. The reissue features unheard cuts and it is that which we bring you accompanied by a live performance video today:

See below: 


Pre order the release HERE. Catch a weekend curated by Max Richter at the Barbican HERE

Photo courtesy of Heiko Prigge. 

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