First View: Mathew Jonson & Sebastian Mullaert – Pollen 4 Life (Main Mix)


The breeze blew the grains freely into the blue evening sky. Deep within the European outback they sat upon a car bonnet looking out towards the pollen which blew in the breeze. darkness was beginning to fall and the air was still sweltering and warm. The tiny grains danced upon the breeze as the birds chirped in the last light of the sun. The golden glow fell, died and faded into pitch black. They were alone. 

Matthew Jonson and Sebastian Mullaert have recently released the luxurious "Pollen 4 Life" as part of a new EP for Hypercolour. The duo collaborated amidst the beautiful surroundings of the Swedish countryside, in a national park to be precise. This video accompanies the pair's enchanting release. 

Watch below and read the director's comment:

“For me sound and light are very connected, both being mediums of storytelling and graphic pleasure. I often see light and colors in music but in this track the correlation was really clear. The melody moved in the same way lights do somehow – as the shadows on a wall, from a tree and a mild wind in the summer heat. This video was shot in a completely analog process. I then started to play around with different techniques to create light diffractions and slowly the movie took shape. In the end I had so many short clips that it took 3 days to render." 

Buy the release HERE

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