First View: Kilchhofer – Lefu


The rattle and clatter of percussion bounced between the trees of the mystic forest. The jungle floor vibrated under the weight of the noise and the birds flapped and squawked amidst the branches up above. Leaves rustled as the drums began to bang louder and louder, it was a cacophony of noise amidst the shadows of the undergrowth. The great emperor Lefu had risen from the murky depths of his tomb and the party had begun. He had been asleep for a thousand years, but now he would rise once again to take his position as the ruler of the jungle, ruler of the dance. King Lefu was reborn and my oh my would they celebrate. 

Here is a first view and listen of the latest release from the Marionette record label. They have been spiking interest as of late with a taste for the eclectic and earthly. Here is 'Lefu' from the forthcoming Kilchhofer EP titled 'Dersu'. Watch and listen below: 

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