First View: Diane Barbé – Something For The Mountains


Today marks the release of a special release from On Board, a growing record label, events series and agency which has impeccable taste. "Point B" is an EP built up of four tracks which is geared towards ambience and downtempo, it's a beautifully curated affair which includes musoc from Diane Barbé, Uanamani and CORE with the music already having been well supported by a collective array of dj's and musicians including Danielle, Eric Cloutier, Anna Wall, Erika from Ectomorph and more. 

The release is rounded off with an expertly devised video recorded in correspondence with Diane Barbé's track called "Something For The Mountains". The track itself is beautiful and ethereal, floating between delicate soundscapes with an underlying ominous tone running throughout. 

The video is comes from the mind of French director Clémentine Decremps, a stunning visual accompaniment to what is a special release. 

Watch below:

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