First View: Das Ding – Drone Confirmation


"As the soaring chopper flew high above the walls of the city below it looked out upon glimmering lights, poverty, wealth and all between."

Das Ding appears on a new compilation which has been curated by Bizaarbazaar and features an array of exceptional music from a data bank of talented producers and musicians. The website marks seven years of online activity with the release of the compilation which will be released on cassette. 

In their own words the release is "a compilation of musical works in tune with the aspiration of the platform: to contest the dictates of society" as they continue to fight against "the unpredictable mutations of the web".

The debut release from the site/label is expected in March next month and features music from Sean Pierce, R Gamble, Pyramid Club and more. However, it is with some excitement that the release also brings with it new music from Das Ding who has been best known for his reissued music on Minimal Wave. Listen and watch the video for "Drone Confirmation" below:

A1. Goolyk x Bergsonist – Cosmic Displacement
A2. Fallbeil – Ausnahmezustand
A3. Damcase – C45ER1
A4. ARIISK – Illusions Come
A5. Wilted Woman – Guppy
A6. Villa Abo – Separated Worlds Together

B1. Dungeon Acid – Hovering Above Yourself and Watching From Below
B2. Antonio – Slow Dawn
B3. Snow Bone – Hemolymph
B4. Gaul Plus – Penalty Game
B5. Thtsmbtch – 1u_2b
B6. Strahinja Arbutina – Generator

C1. Buttechno – 808 Loop
C2. Seixlack – Escarpiao
C3. G Zifcak – Antonym
C4. Ekman – Keep Calm And Watch The Screen
C5. DasDing – Drone Confirmation
C6. Pyramid Club – Puncture

D1. R Gamble – Standard Time
D2. Robert Bergman – Only Do It Wrong
D3. Ciarra Black – Profiler
D4. Nick Klein – Weighing Out The Reality
D5. Sean Pierce – Cold Sweat
D6. DJ Loser – Παραλογιζεσαι,Αγαπη

Visit the Bizaarbazaar site HERE. Video produced by Greg Zifcak.

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