First View: CORIN – Exo


There was an empty void, a distant space within which nothing could exist and never would. An empty desert within which no wild things could grow and only sand would lie. It was known as the land of Exo, a plaza without purpose. Walking out there, amidst the nothingness he felt as if he was to be lost at sea, a drowned rat beneath the delicate grains. It was going to be hard to come back from this…

CORIN is set to release a new album on Bedouin Records, an intriguing take on abstract electronic music which meanders and weaves between the unusual, the bewildering and the strange. 

One track in particular caught our attention. "Exo" is a strange weave of futuristic electronica, bass and some sort of techno mutant which wanders between realms like a bitter monster. 

It's accompanied by a video which is directed & produced by Tristan Jalleh and written by Corin Ileto.

It's great, see below: