First View: Blood Sport – Melts Into


Besides championing tunes that keep delicious men warm during nuclear winters, Sheffield’s foremost agents of ‘aggro-beat’ Blood Sport have been keeping busy of late. As well as a restless run of dates, including release parties with Spectres and group A and a one-off drone performance with Giant Swan for Fat Out Festival, the trio have been devising unique live collaborations based around the modular synthesizers of the Moog Sound Lab. The third instalment in a series of gigs utilizing the iconic hardware and temperamental synthesis associated with Robert Moog’s creations, their latest work with the lab saw a night of exclusive live sets conceived by themselves along with Fay Milton and Ayse Hassan of Savages and Martin Dubka of Circle Sky.

A previous edition of these collaborative nights has now been picked up for release by Bristol’s Howling Owl Records. Taken from last year’s two-night residency at Café Oto, where the group performed with Tony Allen and Jimi Tenor, the record encapsulates all the mercurial energy and sinuous currents of a Blood Sport live set. 

Here we premiere the official video for ‘Melts Into’, the second track from the ‘Live At Café Oto’ LP. Live coded by artist Antonio Roberts, it’s an exhilarating vision of corrupted animation halfway between rave lysergia and glitch art, and represents a delirious extract of a live-coded visual accompaniment to the entire 'Live at Café Oto' LP which will be streaming in the near future. Antonio Roberts has subsequently recruited them to enmesh with Sheffield-based live coder Heavy Lifting for another new collaboration as part of the Algorave programme at this year's Supersonic Festival. The track itself is hyper, kinetic, circulatory, situated somewhere between Konono Nº1 and Nisennenmondai but invested with a force that’s all their own. Enjoy.

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