First View: Antoine Kogut – Coquillage argenté


Last year marked the release of an album from Antoine Kogut, a French musician and producer who had previously worked collaboratively under the guise of Syracuse having released music prominently on Antinote Records. However, amidst the backdrop of this Antoine has also worked independently and September saw him breathe new life into music under his own name with the release of a debut LP on the longstanding Versatile label run by Gilb'r. The album features a delicate blend of balearic inspired musicality, ambient soundscapes and experimental fringes. It's an accomplished piece of work with a firm sense of self. 

Versatile is a record label which doesn't tend to do things by halves, Gilb'r is well versed and experienced having been involved in releasing music by the likes of I:cube, Pepe Bradock, Joakim and many more. As such the release was packaged and presented with a stylish edge, gripping cartoon artwork and great videos to boot. 

The latest video comes in accompanimemt to a track titled "Coquillage argente" on which Antoine Kogut collaborated with Zoé Baillieux. The video was produced by Rebekka Deubner. 

Watch below: