First Listen: The (Hypothetical) Prophets – Around The World With


Back in 1982 French electronic pioneer Bernard Szajner and British musician Karel Beer collaborated on their first and last album as The (Hypothetical) Prophets. For years a largely forgotten footnote in synthwave, the album has recently been rediscovered by a new generation, who are appreciating quite how visionary the duo's fusion of slow motion proto-techno, synthetic gurgles, cut-up found sounds and bizarro pop still sounds. It’s rare you find an album that skips between synthetic Euro rock n roll (think Devo in berets), to sea shanties set to elegant synthetic pulses, to the gloomy menace of Wallenberg VF, a classic of clockwork rhythms and film noir sax.

Infine have snapped the record up for a reissue, and we’re happy to have been given the chance to premiere it today. The original album has been re-sequenced to reflect the bands original intentions, and comes accompanied with bonus tracks drawn from their EPs. 

The album is released March 2016, and is available on LP, CD and digital – pre-irder a copy from over here and listen in full below.