First Listen: Sierre – The River


The wild waters flowed down the hillside towards the ocean miles away, he watched as the waterfalls cascaded and his troubles slipped softly away upon the roaring rapids. Soon he would be as free as a bird, a happy figure away from the trouble and strife of the big city. That was why he’d come out here, to the river. It made him forget about all that had come before, the loud noise of the flowing stream was enough to block it all out. 

Sierre is set to release a new EP via Practise Music. A real up and comer who is gathering a stream of hype around his music following previous appearances on Gang Fatale as well as features on an upcoming Rye Wax compilation. The new EP is called “Artisan Jams” and will be available later this summer from the 14th of August. 

Listen to a track taken from the record below:

Visit the Practise Music Bandcamp HERE