First Listen: Severed Heads – Prototype Pop – Dark Entries


Dark Entries continue their mission to bring the spikiest gems of the 80s to the fore. After some delays with the pressing, this month finally sees their reissue of Clifford Darling Please Don't Live in the Past, a compilation of the finest weirdness Australian electronic pioneers Severed Heads put together in the years .79 – '83. Severed Heads are best known for the techno perfection of 1994's Dead Eyes Opened – but far before that the group were experimenting with looping synths, oddball rhythms and wildly played samples – as todays premiere Prototype Pop amply demonstrates – 


As ever, Dark Entries have gone to town on the reissue, remastering the tracks, spreading them over 2 loudly pressed 12"s, and thrrowing in a double sided poster. Find out more and get pre-orders in over on the Dark Entries website.