First Listen: Rionegro – Merecumbé (Cómeme)


Eagle-eyed R$N readers will have spotted our interview with the ace Rionegro last week and should no longer need any introduction or explanation as to what they're all about. For those of you that are more occasional visitors to these here pages, here's a quick summary of how they sound…

"An electronic ode to the dance music of South America, the record was recorded by four friends, Sebastián “Sano” Hoyos, Gregorio “Gladkazuka” Gomez, Natalia Valencia, and Matias Aguayo, holed up for a month in a house studio buried in the countryside outside the Columbian town Rionegro. The record they emerged with pulses with night heat, crackling rhythms and raw grooves – jacking house played to a salsa beat."

We're more than happy to be sharing 'Merecumbé' with you right here as it's blindingly good and is sure to pull you in with all the force of a bodybuilder in a tug of war. Go on, treat yourself;

Merecumbé is out on 30th October via Cómeme.