First Listen: Matt Emery – Polycrates


Here's a lovely treat for your Thursday afternoon – a new track from UK composer and pianist Matt Emery on London/Brighton label Injazero Records.

'Polycrates' is (presumably) named after the Ancient Greek warrior-tyrant who ruled over the Aegean Sea in the 6th century BC. At one stage, fearing insurrection amongst his people, Polycrates manned his 40-strong navy with men who he considered to be politically dangerous and sent them to attack the Persian king Cambyses II… having already forged a secret alliance with Cambyses and asked him to destroy the navy! Ultimately the plan failed, but still… what a power play…

Oh yes, the track! It's a real corker. Emery's delicate, haunting piano figures lead a sombre procession with rainy day ambience hovering in the background. Listen below, accompanied by dope artwork from Tyler Hobbs. Emery is releasing his debut album on Injazero later this year, and on this evidence, it's definitely one to look forward to.

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