First Listen: Lusts – Illuminations (Raf Daddy’s Blackpool Rockin Remix)


The illuminations cast a bitter sense of sorrow across the crowds who gazed from below. The fireworks illuminated the night sky as the whispers ushered amongst the excited audience. They had all gathered here in this place, amidst the fields so far to watch the lights flutter in chaos, burning against the midnight hour's black. Each rocket shrieked as it rose in a flurry towards its explosive death miles above their heads. Looking down on earth, the lights seemed fierce, fairy like and distant. A far away illumination. 

Here is the Raf Daddy remix of the group Lusts. We are excited to be able to bring you a first listen from the project, a hugely promising collaboration.

They describe as follows: 

Lusts: We were very much looking forward to hearing what Raf Daddy would do with a remix of Illuminations, especially after an encounter with James, who told him that the track was inspired by Arthur Rimbaud and to take the track all the way to ‘A Season in Hell’. We love the remix, especially considering we also filmed the music video for Illuminations in the Blackpool Lights. It all seemed to fit so well. Cosmic.

Raf Daddy: I'm not entirely sure why, but I had two tunes in mind when I went in to do this. One was 'Feel Flows' by the Beach Boys, the other was 'Serve' by Rahel from the Camp and Street label. I think I managed to wrap some of the magic of those two around this lovely song by Lusts.

Listen Below:

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