First Listen: Ludovico Einaudi – Elements (Dj Tennis Remix)


We're all well aware that all kinds of elements make up each and every thing in the world that surrounds us – from the oxygen in the air to the potassium in bananas, every last element does a crucial job in making our lives as sweet as can be. Unfortunately we probably don't quite give them the love that they deserve and we bet that there's not one of you reading this who can recite the periodic table without giving it a quick google.

Luckily help is at hand as Ludovico Einaudi has given credit to the elements with the title of his latest sounds and DJ Tennis has further this elemental love by putting together a rather special remix. We know that you're going to love this one so tuck right in – things are about to get eleMENTAL;

Elements Remixes is out soon via Decca.