First Listen: In Flagranti – Susan Was A Fashion Model


Amidst the sprawl of London there was a beautiful girl. As she marched between the rainy streets and hazy glares she cast a spell upon all who saw her there. Susan was a fashion model, young and wild and free, the city was a playground. She was the envy of each and every women across the land, her red lips and luxurious golden tan. In this place she was above you and me. 

Codek is back in a big way, as are In Flagranti. However, let's be honest here, they never really left. Last year the label released arguably one of the biggest records of the year in the form of Jonny Sender's 'Zhivago Zhivago'. Now the pair are back as they prepare to release a 30 track tape packed full of disco, house and raw cuts which is described below:

“Back in the early 80s when I lived in Switzerland, I use to travel to Italy a lot for clubs and record shopping. In Rimini there was a great store called Disco Piu. They had this service where if you were out of town or from another country, you could sign-up and get a cassette of all the new releases in the post every week. Each new track was recorded for about a minute and there was a voice counting – so you could write down the tracks you liked – then phone or fax the track numbers and the date of the cassette, they’d send you the records and you’d pay on delivery, which was amazing”, says In Flagranti’s Sasa Crnobrnja on ‘Sprezzatura’s inspiration, concept and format.
"So this album will be available as a mix on cassette with each track playing for a minute or two. You’re basically listening to it like a mixtape and in the same manner as the tapes from Disco Piu. You’ll be able to choose your favourite tracks from ‘Sprezzatura’ and buy the full versions as downloads.”

Listen to 'Susan Was A Fashion Model' below: 

Visit the Codek Records bandcamp HERE.  ‘Sprezzatura’ is out 14th April.

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