First Listen: Fold – Calmer Mood (Aus Music)


The relatively newly-formed idea of Netflix & Chill is one that will no doubt see the decline of life as we know it. In fact, it may just be the very worst thing to have happened to modern society. Why? Well there may or may not have been an 'incident' which led to everyone's favourite streaming service putting out a restraining order against a member of R$N staff who shall not be named.

But we're not really all that angry about it because Fold is on hand to get us in a 'Calmer Mood'. All the rage fades away and is replaced by some aural goodness that would have us completely forgetting about the aforementioned streaming giants – if it weren't for the fact that the release has those fatal words for a title. Still, this is sure to sort you right out, no matter what mood you're in;

Netflix & Chill is out on 16th October via AUS Music.