First Listen: C.A.R. – Limbless (Live)


When listening to C.A.R. we feel safest of all (Where DO you get your ideas from? – Ed.) and the fact that her latest offering is full of live sounds makes us feel that the only way we could be safer would be if we were covered in cotton wool and wrapped up in a giant ball of bubble wrap. Of course, there would be some way of making sure that we didn't run out of air in there. Science.

The best thing about presenting a selection of live sounds is that you're able to get so close to an artist that they're not even able to push you away with their arms of legs. They are, effectively, limbless. On a totally unrelated note, get ready to wrap your ears around 'Limbless Live' – we promise that you're bound to have one hell of a great aural journey;

C.A.R. Live is out now via Hypermagicgrab your copy here.