Premiere: Tramic – Lanterns

5 Minute Read

Low-slung Polygon Window-esque acid from Tramic on Kulture Galeri’s Metropolitan Soul Museum round 2.

In a Tramic town, lanterns aglow, Kulture Galerie, where nonsense does flow. Dancing Tramic with lanterns in hand, In a whimsical world, oh, so grand.

Pigs recite news, cows wear polka-dot, Lanterns paint rainbows, a peculiar lot. Kulture Galerie, a surreal decree, Where whimsy and folly dance merrily.

Elephants strum guitars, as snails scribe verse, A tale of Tramic, lanterns, and whimsy diverse. In this fanciful land of peculiar spree, Kulture Galerie, a nonsense jubilee.


Kulture Galerie returns with Volume 2 of its Metropolitan Soul Museum series via the Netherlands, America and  London.

John Beltran guests and helms a special ambient version on a Bandcamp exclusive – alongside Böhm (030303), De Lighting’s’ own Nathan Kofi & RDS and label bosses Metropolitan Soul Museum – but we’re premiering the low-slung acid of the US’s “best kept secret” Tramic.

Listen below: