Premiere: T/ERROR – Last Brute In The Firmament

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Electro action from Rome’s T/ERROR on New Interplanetary Melodies and Kuro Jam’s collab…

In a world where data flows like streams, There lived a curious creature, T/ERROR by all means. With a surfboard made of ones and zeroes, He rode the waves of bytes with ease.

Through cyberspace he’d merrily glide, With a wink and a nod, he’d take a wild ride. Data Surfer, they called him, so bold and free, Exploring realms of virtuality.

On his journey, he stumbled upon a new find, Interplanetary melodies, oh so divine! With tunes from distant stars, he danced in delight, Spinning through galaxies, day and night.

So if ever you wander in the digital sea, Keep an eye out for T/ERROR, wild and free. With his trusty surfboard and melodies so grand, He’ll guide you through data’s wonderland!


“T/ERROR | DATA SURFER” is the latest EP from New Interplanetary Melodies (NIM), a collaboration between Simona Faraone’s NIM label and the collective Kuro Jam, led by Gianluca Pernafelli. The EP features Rome producer T/ERROR creating a musical version of a new comic strip titled “DATA SURFER.” The narrative explores the consequences of a special mixer falling into the hands of an angry suburban hoodlum immersed in electronic music. The EP unfolds in a vivid picture of “pain, passion, and redemption across Rome and Berlin” with T/ERROR’s sound-narrative journey reflecting electro-acid tones, dark mechanical sounds, and liquid electro.

We’re premiering T/ERROR’S ace Last Brute In The Firmament

Listen below: