Premiere: SidiRum – Total Interior

5 Minute Read
Total RGB 3000×3000

Deep, dreamy textures from SidiRum on a new record for Earthly Measures.

The room was a decadent delight. Upon entry the smells of radiant sandalwood and oak were almost assertive, yet humble in their welcome. In the corner sat an armchair, it was placed so as to allow for a delicate gaze downward towards the garden below. It was there for watching…

Music echoed softly from vintage speakers which sat in each corner of the room and in the middle of the parlour sat a magazine rack equipped with fine reading for the sophisticated hobbyist. The lighting was dim and glowed with a rich warmth which might lead you to recline or ease one self into the evening with a short cocktail.

This was a total interior – the type one might only dream to indulge within.


A new record on Earthly Measures is beautiful and perfect for the dreamy summer. SidiRum offers up music that entices the senses and leaves you thinking of a better place.

Listen below: