Premiere: Shkema – Sarka Syrkaza

5 Minute Read

Gang of Four meets Manfredas uptown… with Hard Fist in tow.

In a land where the moon’s a cheese, and the trees do dance with ease,
There lived a beast, a Sarka Syrkaza, whose tail could twist like pizza.
With a wink of its eye and a flip of its fin,
It’d play tunes on a banjo made of tin.
Shkema watched with awe from his window sill,
As the creature sang songs that gave him a thrill.
With a shake and a shimmy, the world would twist,
As the Sarka Syrkaza played a melody, oh what a twist!
From Hard Fist it came, this wondrous tale,
Of a creature so strange, it could never fail,
To bring joy to all who heard its song,
In the land where the moon’s a cheese, where they all belong.


Shkema’s “Room of Men Eaters,” out later this month on Hard Fist is a surreal journey into the mind of Vilnius-based producer Shkema, who crafts unconventional body music. We’re premiering “Sarka Syrkaza,” a musical expression of a state of extreme sarcasm no less…

There’s definitely something in that Vilnius water all to itself.

Listen below: