Premiere: Reformed Society – Constant State Of Hustle

5 Minute Read
BM19-Mockup Front

Brilliant House music on Basic Moves.

The grind was relentless, the world moving at a pace so fast that the spin could hardly hope but keep up. As the clouds passed by slowly overhead, seemingly operating on their timeline, the people down below continued to rush and hurry bound by a constant state of hustle.

It was hard to put the pieces together behind the scenes, why had they all become this way? Bound by the constraints and ideologies which left society in a state of flux.

There was always something to be doing, something to be working towards and something else to be gained from the wicked world of work.


Reformed Society is set to appear on Basic Moves – a record which according to the record label has been a long time coming. As the label puts it ‘some things take time’.

The record is a reminiscent throwback to the best era of Tech House. Brilliant in the best sense…