Premiere:  Matthew Herbert x London Contemporary Orchestra- The Rider (Not The Horse) [Robag Wruhme’s Remix]

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Robag Wruhme Remix_v2

Be it known that Matthew Herbert and Robag Wruhme have broken the internet for the longest-track title ever.

Matthew Herbert, oh so absurd,
With the London Contemporary Orchestra he stirred,
“The Rider (Not The Horse)” he penned,
Robag Wruhme, a name to comprehend.

Their music, a whimsical, wild discourse,
Intricacies galore, an imaginative force,
A symphony of chaos, a cacophonous spree,
In this sonic adventure, there’s no guarantee.

Notes and beats, a rollercoaster ride,
In this surreal composition, they confide,
A musical journey with no remorse,
Matthew Herbert and Robag Wruhme, of course!


Matthew Herbert inquisitive approach to composition shows no sign of sitting still, this time he’s collaborated with the London Contemporary Orchestra on “The Rider (Not The Horse)”. The album’s journey is centred around a full-size horse skeleton with a broad range of collaborators. Herbert delves into the evolution of human music, using the horse skeleton as an unconventional source of sound, examining the historical significance of horses. Incorporating various horse-related elements into the compositions, he’s brought in some of the world’s leading soloists and sound design experts.

We’re premiering none other than Robag Wruhme’s Arada Samoll Rehand – try saying that quickly. In fact try fitting that into any soundcloud or youtube title, gets very upset. Be it known that Matthew Herbert and Robag Wruhme have broken the internet for the longest track title ever.

Listen below: