Premiere: Hugo Mari – Hola Papi

5 Minute Read

Deep, fun grooves on High Praise with a sun kissed sound.

The evening was hot as the cars whizzed by quickly on the boulevard – the last of the sun worshippers could be seen bathing on the sand. In the distance the sky was a faint glowing pink, the light was thin. Headlights flickered and flashed as cars whizzed up and down the stretch by the seafront, tall buildings were like dark shadows overlooking it all from behind.

Occasionally there was a shout or a scream from one of the neighbourhood bars or bodegas, people had gathered in the warmth of the evening to take in the dying embers of the summer. It was sticky and humid out though, so they sat beneath fans sipping cold drinks to keep cool.

He sat waiting by the side of the road for his ride. It had been a bittersweet day – long and hot. Then, like a blazing hurricane whizzed past his ride, window down his girl shouted to him from the passenger side. He smiled with a wink.

‘Hola Papi…’ she screamed.


Hugo Mari is set to release a new single, a sun kissed house track with a deep groove and sexy sensibilities. This one is for the hot and humid dancefloors – wherever they might be found.

Listen below: