Premiere: HOS – Shaiyabra

5 Minute Read

Deep outsider sounds with a percussive influence on Electric Shapes.

There wasn’t anywhere else like it, no place in earth could evoke the same feelings of wild desire, freedom and magic. As the sunlight began to fade over the campsite, they sat in the foothills of the tall mountain which would watch over them through the night and keep them safe.

The air here was clean and warm, a soft breeze was the only thing to unsettle the branches of the trees which lined their enclave in the forest. A fire burnt in the middle of the clearing.

In the distance they could hear the sound of the birds soaring upon the evening wind.


Electric Shapes are set to release a new EP from HOS – a deep, pensive, percussive listen built for dark rooms and private moments.

Listen to ‘Shaiyabra’ below: