Premiere: George T – Love Letter (Tech Support Remix)

5 Minute Read

Early 2000s New York complemented by expansive basswork, Tech Support turns George T into a cosmic juggernaut.

In Paradise Palms, where the sun gently beams, Lived George T, the man of tech support dreams. He’d troubleshoot glitches with clicks and clacks, But his heart was entangled in love-letter tracks.

He’d pen his prose in pixels and bytes, Sending his affection to celestial heights. Yet his messages never reached their intended, Lost in the realms of cyberspace, suspended.

“Oh, love, sweet love,” George T would sigh, As he gazed at the stars in the evening sky. But his keyboard clicked on, undeterred by the night, For love’s code was written, both wrong and right.

In this whimsical realm of digital lore, George T’s heart was tangled, wanting more. A love letter lost, a romance deferred, Yet in Paradise Palms, his spirit soared.

For love knows no bounds in its whimsical flight, Even in realms of technology’s might. So George T typed on, his heart full of cheer, In Paradise Palms, where love’s always near.


Tech Support unveil the second of two remixes for George T’s Love Letter release.  Thunderous rhythms and marching grooves reminiscent of early 2000s New York which is complemented by an expansive basswork, instilling the essence of George T’s vocals into a cosmic juggernaut.

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