Premiere: ELLES – Afterglo (Real Lies Remix)

5 Minute Read

An unabashedly peak-time belter of headsy euphoric breaks and rising synths, courtesy of Real Lies.

In the land of Elles, where the moonbeams dance,
And the Afterglo twirls in a merry trance,
There lived a cat with polka-dot socks,
Who talked to the stars and danced on the rocks.

He wore a hat made of cheese and old lace,
And sang songs of love with a strange grace.
With a wink of his eye and a twist of his tail,
He’d tell you a tale that would never fail.

In Elles, the clocks never tock,
They hummed sweet tunes like a ticking clock.
And the birds in the sky wore bright purple shoes,
While the cows in the fields danced to the blues.

Oh, what a sight in the land of Elles,
Where nonsense and laughter swells.
So if you ever find yourself feeling blue,
Just follow the Afterglo, it’ll lead you true.


London-based artist, Rinse FM host and long time R$N orbiter gears up to release another club-ready remix EP  “A Celebration Of The Euphoria Of Remixes”.  The EP features remixes of her debut album by various artists, including Real Lies, Martyn Bootyspoon, and Whitney Weiss, alongside ELLES herself. Real Lies’ remix of “Afterglo” is a headsy euphoric mix of breaks and rising synths which we’re premiering here. Get your lug holes around this…

Pre-Order and Listen below: