Premiere: Buran – Alnitak (Void Complet Remix)

5 Minute Read
Void Complet
Written by Lily Mumby

London based Void Complet reimagines Alnitak in a sweet arpeggiated analogue dream…

Insult to Injury are pleased to have the mighty Void Complet on remix duties for this release! Fresh off the back of his breakthrough release on CHOBU Records, the London-based super producer Chog Burley grabs Buran’s Alnitak by the scruff of the neck and reimagines it in his own image! Starting out with a rich, metallic arpeggio, we’re lulled into a sense of security with it’s dreamy analogue feels – before realising its all a ruse! Soon we see the true nature of the track, the savage 303 riff from the original returns and clatters us round the head! We’re caught in the crossfire as glitched vocals and bit crushed acid lines vie for dominance…


This correspondent knows not how to fully encapsulate the terror of this remix… watch out dance floors around the world!

Void Complet debuts on Insult to Injury with a head banging, reimagined version of ‘Alnitak’

Listen below: