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"Thank you for dancing and never forget: the good times are always now! Farewell, Ramona"
These words by Robert Johnsons very own and mysterious hostess Ramona might be as mundane as the concept of a nightclub itself.
But at a second glance, it is apparent that they are not only hotbeds of sin or the places where dance and pop music get shaped, refined and processed, but also where they meet art, design, fashion and culture in a whirlwind of hedonism. Come On In My Kitchen is the story of such a place. Located in Frankfurts sister Offenbach am Main, Robert Johnson
is a internationally renowned club whose existence now spans more than a decade.
With an assemblage of images and texts, which sometimes explain and sometimes glorify, this book traces the history and future, often sober, then enchanting, of a crackpot idea that in its best moments, has touched people (musicians, artists, photographers, designers, fashion kids and nightclub geeks) between heavenly splendour and earthly joy and is truly one of a kind. Come On In My Kitchen unearths never-before-published images, insider-texts and anecdotal testimony from all over the world, giving an intimate glimpse into a legendary institution.