We Actually Like…#2


Simoncino – Mystic Motion
I like Simoncino. Not just his music but his name. It's got that cliched, mysterious suavity and notoriety you associate with fictional arch-villains. ('You'll never catch me for I am…SIMONCINO! etc. etc) The first of two L.I.E.S. Records releases this week, with familiarly raw analogue sonics, though more of a mood-setting, serene affair, accentuated by prominent tropical jungle samples. Dastardly. Tim


Trackman Lafonte & Bon Qui Qui – Pacific House EP

Five reasons I actually like this:

1. House music always sounds better when made on wonky bits of analogue gear rather than your niece's news iphone app.

2. Everyone loves a good fictional backstory.

3. Everything Legowelt touches turns to gold.

4. Xosar is the most beautiful creature in the analogue kingdom.

5. The Olympics effect has temporarily turned me positive, by the time the Paralympics are over I'll be back to the usual seething mess of cynicism and rage. 


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Mohn – Ebertplatz 2020 (Wolfgang Voigt HardTranceAtlanticXSMix)
I can't say that this has really been the best week of my life… developing RSI in my arm from sitting at this bloody computer hasn't really been a highlight. This made me smile this week tho. I think it's because it makes me think of when 'trance' was an acceptable term to use to descibe music. You know when William Orbit was dripping Water From A Vine Leaf, Spooky were turning out some rather nice records, Aphex was making vaguely listenable excursions and Sven Vath wasn't playing to 150,000 barrys, instead making L'Esperanza … yeah well this reminds me of that time… but on Mogadon. That's a compliment by the way Mr Voigt and Kompakt. The absurdly named "HardTranceAtlanticXSMix" from Wolfgang Voigt on Mohn's Ebertplatz 2020 doesn't really go anywhere but drifts along in a dream-like state…exactly where I need to be right now. 

From the press release: "Trance truly is back, but it wouldn't be without Wolfgang Voigt giving it musical amnesty." Now, where was that countryside weekend.