We Actually Like #8


Xosar for me this week. In fact, every week – she is the bomb. Beauty Queen house music, (wistful sigh)….(Joe)

Gareth Williams and Mary Currie – Generous Moon (from Flaming Tunes, reissued on vinyl for the first time this year by Blackest Ever Black)

The uncanny end to the cult album, made post-This Heat. Centred on the premise of chance, impulse and intuition (as with much of Williams' work with This Heat – he was compared to Jackson Pollock in his method of organ playing) the mood of a domestic sphere is potent as a child's speech is heard before there's an eerie-ambling, mythical atmosphere set. The best I've heard all year.

'Little phrases were usually discovered on the Casio which was a present to my small son and I.  In Gareth’s hands the tunes were added to, shaped and layered and turned into things of beauty.' – Mary Currie

'It deserves to be heard as an album in itself, there's so many great things about it, the fragility of the performances, it's a very intimate listening experience at times but it also has great scope and ambition in the arrangements. Gareth is wonderfully versatile with all his contributions, his and Mary’s singing is always such a great match' – Andrew Jacques interviewed, 2009 

More info/downloads here – http://flamingtunes.com/


Arthur Russell – Walk On The Moon (Young Edits)
Nothing new from me this week, I'm getting Balearic. I still like stuff tho… x (Wil)