We Actually Like…#7


Like bad sequential horror movies that never die, our selections continue. 
Blimey, this is turning into a 'regular' column…

Auji – Conclusion Came to You Part 2 (Aniara 05)
I've managed to overcome the delimiting oppression of ordered time and release schedules and found something that is actually released this week (Hold your applause)
Suitably enough, the music I've found doesn't reflect such presence in the present, as it remains unfixed in a lunar gaze, orbiting somewhere beyond but with enough garage-house woodblock-clicks-and-clocks to keep your head in transcendent spheres and your feet in constant motion.
As if such sounds weren't enough, here's some aphorisms from Auji himself:

'My art theory is„„,?sudden,emotional,outburst?'

'I know my sounds and my own value.
but I don’t know where my sounds should belong'

'Freshness is Necessary'

Exactly what I thought…


More info

John Talabot – Remix 01
John Talabot gets the remix treatment from the Pachanga boys, Kenton Slash Demon and a rework from Bullion in the first part of a series of remixes of tracks from his album fin. A nice package, maybe I prefer the originals but these versions are still pretty sweet.  Available to pre order from Phonica with a release date in mid October. Pre order/listen here.


London Housing Trust – 01

This wilfully obscure non-referencing EP released a few weeks ago gives no proper info on the PR pointing to it being someone else operating under various pseudonyms apart from obviously Jamie Blanco.
The picks for me are Fx Mchn's  slo-mo analogue jackathon Jackie which'll sit nicely down A Love From Outer Space thank you very much and the pitched up Jamie Blanco's 'I Think She Thinks'  
Analogue house at its finest. 
Buy this EP before it's gone… it's ace.