We Actually Like #53


Bob Moses – Far From The Tree (Scissor & Thread)

How many times do you hear the words “melancholy”, “deep” and “groove” in a review?  It’s so tempting to just glaze over it as mere cliche, but it’s all resoundingly true in this case; and we’re not just talking about one song either – the whole lot in this release totally fit the bill.  And it sounded particularly good when I listened to it for the first time, reclining as I was on a sun-lounger on a beach in Malta.  This ain’t standard club fodder! (Mike)

Markus Gibb – Broken EP – Clouded Vision

?The latest piece of sublimeness from Matt Walsh’s Clouded Vision…

Chrome Sparks  – Your Planet
I have absolutely no idea where this fits within modern descriptions of music… but it’s an ace slice of frenetic left of centre electronics with some odd pop leanings. To be investigated.


Profondo Rosso – Goblin
This is the soundtrack to the 70’s Italian horror film of the same title. Produced by Goblin, prog rock has never been so chilling. Tubular Bells, Dirty Harry and Live at Pompeii come together to an unsettling, yet brilliant end. 


WIFE – Bodies

WIFE is an Irish producer and member of black metal band Altar of Plagues. The Stoic EP is haunting, expansive and beautifully put together. Wholly immersing, ‘Bodies’ is a piece of precision aural pleasure. (Anthony)

George Fitzgerald – I Can Tell (The Cyclist Remix)

The only way to improve on G. Fitz is to gift insanely talented producers like The Cyclist an opportunity to remix his work. This one’s got too many things to like about it.(Anthony) 

Sorry, I know it’s supposed to be new music, but for the last week I’ve been on a strict diet of Blake Baxter and, even though it’s obvious, his first ever EP – Blake Techno! – is just a straight up-uber-masterpiece. (Joe)