we actually like #51


Traxx’s Boiler Room set at Dekmantel 

A bit of a different one this week, not a tune but a DJ set. Melvin Oliphant III (aka Traxx) shows how it’s done properly – channeling the spirit of the Techno gods for one of the mightiest DJ sets I’ve ever heard. I’m not a Boiler Room fan, I think they do great stuff, undoubtedly, but the wanky vibe ruins it for me. But with this one, however – no amout of boring, awkward, terrible dancing hipsters in the background (see them there) can destroy the supernatural vibe coming through. Ridiculously good. (joe)

The Soft – PaintedThere’s a heap of this sultry, left of centre, woozy pop kicking around and it’s a bit hard to wade through it all at times. With the darkness starting to set in and being sat in a flat with very little natural light, this filled the dark void with a welcome luminescence. (Wil) 

Shit Robot – We Got Love ft Reggie Watts
I was a little underwhelmed by Shit Robot’s last single but with We Got Love he’s back to doing what he does best, namely piano laden electronic goodness. Add to that the great Reggie Watts’ superbly great vocals and you’re onto a winner. Great stuff. The impending autumn doesn’t seem so gloomy  when there’s the likes of this coming out. Music is OK. Good video n’ all. (Wil)