We actually like #48


Funkinevil – Ignorant (Igno)

Off of Kyle Hall and Funkineven’s second collaborative EP, Ignorant is a banger. Greater than the sum of it’s parts, I think that the pair have started to make their best music together as a duo. Good shit. (Joe)

Antoine Rouge – Spook Juke EP – Crimes of the Near Future.
The superb Tim Fairplay & Scott Fraser’s Crimes of the Near Future label kicks off in fine style with a Mr Antonie Rouge taking up the reins. A fitting tribute to Tim and Scott’s incredible ears. Cerebral dancefloor psychedelia in all 4 tracks. Not out till October tho so fk knows how I’m going to live with just these audio clips till then! ?

Barrientos – Feel The Waves EP (Glasgow Underground)

Always a good variety from Glasgow Underground – you get a promo from them and you can never be sure of the genre before you listen to it; and with this one they’ve traversed a few within one release.

The first three tracks seem a bit too bloody fashionable for my liking; with bass-lines that sound a bit like The Nightcrawlers and thus modern-day Deep House; but the last two tracks are sensational.  Balearic as fuck! 

?Boddika – Heat

Love the way that the snares, kick and vocals come in at once on this. Flawless track with a bassline to boot. Love it. (Jake)