We Actually Like #46


Funkineven – The Joker 

Funkineven makes his debut on Bashmore’s Broardwalk label with the Species EP. It’s driving, funk filled robo-techno of the highest order – favourite cut for me is the lead, The Joker. (Joe)

Sophie – Bipp

This was definitely my tune from Farr and I’ve been rinsing it since its release on Numbers a few weeks ago… Playing with conventions, Bipp sounds like it could literally fall apart any minute (especially when played live), riding on a bassline reminiscent of dubstep’s hayday. The vocals are what got me hooked to this track though. Sophie is definitely going to be one to watch out for in the near future, and one I look forward to hearing more from. I could easily listen to a whole EP of this stuff.

 ‘I can make you feel better. I you let me’   (Jake) 

I honestly dunno if I’m coming or going with music atm!  One minute I’m all over this lo-fit beauty from Benoit Pioulard….?

Then we get our ears around the ace late-night bass heavy house from Dan Beaumont & Hannah Holland with a remix of the new Batty Bass record… they destroyed our tent at FARR this year so it’s great to hear em making floor-ness together again. Viva! 

?And then god I’m 20 steps back into Fuzzy Logic‘s amazing Obsession… 

I guess that is the beauty and the downfall of the internet. We’re able to be musical butterflies. Ultimately tho does this make us better people? Maybe I shoudn’t be posing such existential questions in a column which is supposed to be filled with solely positivity.
Music is great… move forward with it.