We Actually Like #45


Club Bizarre – La Mort Du Petit Cheval 

Roy Ayers – Fast Money 

Old music is the new new music, OK? I wish there was something strikingly brilliant that I’d come across that was fresh and new, but alas, it’s not the case. Instead, let’s feast on the beautiful banquet of old music. Specifically, that of Roy Ayers, who’s music I’ve been on a strict diet on for about the last, ooh, 20 years. Wether producing for other people (Sylvia Striplin, The Ladies of the 80s etc) or doing his own stuff, he very rarely fails to be the best in the business. This one is from his rare early 80s album Lots Of Love on his own Uno Melodic label, that got a re-issue a while back via Soul jazz.  A hard hitting boogie classic, with a socially conscious lyrical theme to boot. Banger: 

First Choice – Smarty Pants (My Grooves Edit) 

2013 is the year disco danced again. We’re practically swimming in disco edits at the moment, with everyone from Harry Wolfman to Late Nite Tuff Guy offering up reworks, while Skream’s well documented migration to the sound is no unique story.
On listening to the new compilation from Paris club, Djoon, I stumbled upon another of these Chic-freaks, a producer called Afshin who, it emerges founded that club and label, and who, under the guise of My Grooves, proceeds to rejig just about every disco track he comes into contact with. 
His Soundcloud has a whole heap of funkily constructed edits, some of which are even up for free download, and my pick would have to be his (& Alex Finkin’s) reworking of First Choice’s classic number Smarty Pants. Heatwave music. (Adam)

Phil France – Transition From The Swimmer
Blimey, isn’t it lovely out… I want to go an lie in a cornfield and be calm somewhere… 

SoulTec – Bukem In Session Mix

This has been my go to mix for the last couple of weeks. Perfectly fitting for the weather we’ve been having recently. The rolling basslines throughout the mix are just fantastic and the liquid vibes mean it’s not particularly heavy listening. (Jake)