We Actually LIke #40


Candi Staton – Sure As Sin

Candi Staton is on at The Jazz Cafe on 30th June, and discovering this reminded me of just how much I love her voice. Forever tarnished with being the voice of ‘You Got The Love’ and ‘Young Hearts’, Candi’s back catalogue reaches back to the 60s, and during the 70s she sang some of the finest soul songs commited to tape (as brought to light by the fantastic Honest Jons comp a few years back). In amongst her catalogue is this absolute spooked out gem, ‘Sure As Sin’, one of my favourite soul songs of all time. (Joe)

Eskimo Twins – Ariam (Bizeea remix) & Third Man – Pipes at Helios Canyon (Legowelt remix)

It’s my birthday today… now i’m not asking for love, I’m just saying it’s the one day I don’t have to explain myself i.e. write words… therefore I’m not going to…here’s two bangers and that’s all I’ll say on the matter. Bizeea mix of Ariam – Free Download and Legowelt’s mix of The Third Man which doesn’t actually sound as good in this clip as it does on the full track… but like I said I’m not explaining myself. By that argument I should stop writing now too shouldn’t I? Good… I’ll be off then. (Wil)


Gold Panda – Brazil

Gold Panda’s new Ep ‘Half Of Where You Live’ is one of those albums that you know has a meticulous attention to detail. As a whole, the album kinda of feels like a mish mash of influences from all over the globe, which I guess it kind of is as ‘Community’ is a reflection on cultural divides in London and ‘Brazil’ is a comment on Gold Panda’s arrival into Sao Paulo. This is an album that’s full of emotion yet isn’t heavy listening. It’s not so much easy listening that it’s hotel lobby standard, but it’s an album that’s perfectly suited to summer days sitting in the garden where you don’t really want to have anything to think about. (Jake)