we actually like #39

Terekke – Amaze
I’ve admittedly been a bit slow catching on to the whole hype surrounding Brooklyn based label L.I.E.S., but their latest offering from Terekke has titillated both the house head and ambient aficionado within me. Amaze is an ethereal slow-burning wonder, all tape hiss and echoed synth delay, tied magnificently together by the beguiling vocal chorus that dawdles in and around the track’s numerous harmonies. This is truly original music that skilfully joins the dots between lounge and club, and I can safely say I’m now absolutely switched on to this imprint. (Adam)

GB – 3 Aspects of One 
Gifted & Blessed makes, to these ears, probably the most accomplished machine music in the world at the moment. Dripping in soul, steeped in technique – the man breathes music. This release comes on his own label and, as expected, is absolutely sublime. (Joe)
Fenech Soler – Magnetic (Friend Within)
Friend Within has completely transformed Fenech Soler’s what was once electro-pop drizzle (the original isn’t really to my taste, sorry if I offend anyone) into a certified dancefloor killer. I don’t really have a lot else to say about this track, other than I love it. If anyone wants some good electro-pop to listen to I’d suggest checking out the Belgium group GOOSE over on soundcloud. (Jake)