we actually like #38


Gherkin Jerks – Stomp The Beat

Picked up the recent reissue of this at the weekend, been pissing my girlfriend off with it ever since. All of the tracks are great, weirded out avant gardery, but the pick of the bunch is ‘Din Sync’. (Joe)

Femi Vs KCRW – Magic Feet
Craig Bratley’s ever-essential Magic Feet releases a 10 of two remixes of tracks from Femi Kutis album Day by Day – never been released on vinyl before. Commissioned as part of a unique creative collaboration between Mercer Street / Downtown Records and the Santa Monica-based public radio station KCRW the compilation CD was only available as a membership premium. Mr Sean Johnston gave this a spin on Beats In Space a while back and Mr Bratley was hooked, subsequently licensing for that ‘Feet’. Low slung discoid funk which stays sensitive to the original yet turns into something altogether more amazing. Go seek.

Mr Oizo – Secam

Well, its been a while since Quentin Dupieux/Mr Oizo has released anything of notable value, to the masses anyway. I remember the first time I heard Flat Beat (obviously a few years after it was released) and fell in love with his sounds. Unfortunately his next release ‘Last Night a DJ Killed My Dog’ wasn’t as successful as Flat Beat which reached #1 in the UK charts in its hay-day. Since then most of his music has just been messing about for his own pleasure and hasn’t necessarily been a pleasure to everyone else’s ears, alongside making various feature films again mainly for his own pleasure. Released on Ed Banger Records as part of their first compliation since 2008, celebrating their anniversary, Ed Rec X is due for release on  June 10th . (Jake)

Ufrali Babi – Disco Kebap (Baris K Edit) – Nublu Records
I stumbled across this track somehow a few weeks back which lead to the discovery of a treasure trove of weird re-edits of old turkish pop and disco tracks. Most of which seem to have this Baris K dude’s hands all over them. It’s pretty surreal to be fair. Steady chugging beat with what I imagine to be a sweaty, moustachioed turkish kebab shop chef singing about his wares over the top. Absolute killer. And it makes you hungry. (Joe)

Paco Weggmann – Be As One (Catwash Records)
A bit soulful, a bit deep, but quite happy. Optimum noise for the summer. (Mike)

Dustin Nantais – American Greed (Trojan House Records)
This is brilliant – chock full of personality, and something I have a particular weakness for stupid brass.  You don’t normally hear it in a house context like this though – this ain’t your standard jackin’ Charleston-brass fodder – this is quite a controlled, almost Balearic style groove with a bit of jazz freestyling over the top. Inventive. (Mike)