we actually like #37


R-Zone 02 – Rosa Luxemburg / Hair Down

Another great 12″ in a series that’s proving to be nigh-on essential. Created by the mysterious R-Zone (none other than Legowelt if rumours are to be believed), the second release is a pair of trippy techno journeys, complete with anomalous bleeps and swirling atmospherics. The Dutch analog wizard adds another string to his bow. (Patrick)

Inkswel – AustralAborialis 

8 tracks of boogie brilliance from Inkswel, Australia’s very own machine funk maestro. Raw, rough and ready, I like pretty much every track on here. (Joe)

Jagwar Ma – Man I Need (The Time & Space Machine Dub)

Elsewhere on these pages this week Mr McQuaid on his triumphant return Vs Pop gave Jagwar Ma a rather luke warm response in their original form describing them as  MGMT for Happy Mondays fans.
Cast that aside for this remix from the very excellent Richard Norris and get your lug oles round this little beauty. Part Spiritulalized’s I Think I’m In Love, part some forgotten Leftfield b-side through a fuzzbox and another part psychedelic wonder on very strong acid. This wills the sunshine to rain back into this piss poor excuse for a Spring/Summer beginning. Hazy summer days dancing in a field please. 

Gidge – For Seoul 

Atomnation are great. Their records always arrive on my virtual doorstep and bring something surprising into my life.  For late nights after too much acid… or for soundtracking plane landings on sprawling metropolises. Or simply for early mornings in a freezing flat in the vampire that is East London. 


Blackbird Blackbird – Summer’s Almost Here

As the title suggests, summer’s almost here. The bank holiday weekend was hopefully a sign of things to come and with their new track Blackbird Blackbird manage to fully immerse you in the hope that more sunshine is just round the corner. That is until they kick you back into reality by dropping in that rain sample… (Jake)