We actually like #33


Huerco S Apheleia’s Theme EP – (Future Times)

Finally drops in 3 weeks time. You probably want to pre order this if you want to own it, it’s going to fly. The third track on this 12″, ‘Cercy’, will blow your fucking socks off. That is all. (Joe)

Jerry Goldsmith – Gremlins Theme Song
Jerry Goldsmith was a theme tune genius… fact. I haven’t seen Gremlins for ages… but this is still a banger. So in your face.

On to matters altogether more serious… and 
Mark E – Crossing Paths – Bokhari
Two hypnotic bangers from Birmingham’s finest pressed on 180G heavyweight vinyl this is a pure 3AM lushness…. get involved. 

Hannah Wants & Chris Lorenzo – Kneadin’

Well, this isn’t the original song I was going to put up as my tune for this week. I’m just going to admit now that I forgot what it was as I was having a busy day. So here’s something else! This new collaboration from Hannah Wants and Chris Lorenzo popped up on my soundcloud stream yesterday and it’s stuck in my head since so that must mean it’s doing something right… (Jake)