We actually like #32


This week’s shower of love juice rains down on the heads of Moon B, Radioactive Man & Billy Nasty and Basement Jaxx…

Radioactive Man & Billy Nasty

Out last month but who’s counting… (Wil)

Moon B – Sussegad (PPU)

I like pretty much everything by Moon B, to be honest. I know there’s a vogue for lo-fi, drum machiney stuff which is almost in danger of tipping over into cliched territory, but the fact is that the production aesthetic alone is an empty concept – it’s the music undeneath it that will ultimately make a track succeed or fail. Some of the stuff on L.I.E.S fails miserably at this, yes it’s super lo-fi but, no, it doesn’t have any artistic merit. Moon B’s stuff, on the other hand, is really interesting – strange, jarring rhythms and odd extended chords elevate it into something greater than the sum of it’s parts. Proper. (Joe)

Basement Jaxx – Back to the Wild

This summer is definitely the summer of disco. Amongst all the ‘hype’ of Daft Punk’s new track Get Lucky, I feel that the also long awaited return of dance titans Basement Jaxx and their new single Back 2 The Wild, with vocals from South Korean singers Miss Emma Lee and Baby Chay, has been rather overlooked (over 4 million plays to 20 thousand comparatively). Basement Jaxx have approached this summers disco fad in an extremely playful and ‘goofy’ way and I wish there was more to come of the cartoon-theme-tune-esque soundtrack, however there’s no news of an album as of yet. (Jake)